Monday, 19 February 2018

Far Corfe: Abhuman Hired Gun - Part 1

"Hire this abhuman slab of muscle for your gang, entourage or block party; ask about our competitive rates - no bull!"
I think we've all looked at the really great stuff that's coming out for Necromunda 3.0 and then at all of the third party minis and scenery that's out there to augment it and longed to be able to make our gaming and hobby budgets stretch further.

Personally, I really popped for the Gor Half Horn mini, until I saw that he was around £18 from Forge World and realised that I could get something like ten metal miniatures for the same price from some independent online retailers.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Far Corfe: Underhive Scum Heavy - Part 1

"Here's a little flavour of how we do things down in the Sump Margins..."

I'd been waiting for my order of heads to arrive from Puppets War, the almost completed body of my Underhive Scum heavy sitting on the shelf for what felt like months (in reality more like a fortnight), when I found out that I'd won a competition that the company had been running and bagged myself ten exclusive Valhallan Shock Troopers, so I'll be painting and posting on them as soon as I have a chance to do so.

Rooting through my old Necromunda and Rogue Trader era stuff, I found that I had all of the original Underhive Scum, as well as a good number of adventurers and space pirates that lent themselves to a being a gang in their own right, so I decided that they'd become the "Soggy Bottom Boys", a nasty bunch of low-lives that had crawled up from the Sump Margin under the leadership of Boss Sass, and were working for their own gain, rather than just hiring themselves out to other gangs.

Obviously there was never a heavy made for the Scum, so one just had to be made.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Necromunda 3.0: "Billy" Orlock Juve by The Ewing Workshop

Billy and his ever-twitching trigger fingers...

A little while back I posted a feature on the rather nice Orlock Heavy created by James Ewing of The Ewing Workshop after seeing it and being very impressed, and so this morning, when he shared some shots of his latest work in the same vein, I felt compelled to do the same.

Billy here is a typically hot-headed Juve, overly eager to get out there in the Underhive and make a name for himself among the more experienced gangers that he longs to emulate. James was kind enough to provide the following blurb for his character background:

"Billy has always dreamed of being in a gang. 

His older brother Dredger has been in the Ash Rats for ages and has finally convinced Baby Jane (the gang leader and Dredger's lover) to give Billy a chance.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Far Corfe: Heapster Heavy - Part 1

"It's unreliable, bulky and prone to overload, but I had to choose the mining laser, just for the retro-chic..."

When I returned to painting as a serious use of my dwindling spare time in November of 2017 there was no clear plan as to just what I wanted to achieve, save for working on something vaguely inspired by the release of the third edition of Necromunda.

I pulled out a lot of Rogue Trader era miniatures that I'd hoarded and never gotten round to painting and some original Necromunda sclupts, and these started to get painted with a thought to putting together a gang of Underhive Scum.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Maelstrom's Edge: Broken Infantry Pack

The exact place that I first saw these and the person that recommended them escapes me, but as I'm modelling and painting the expanding range of gangs that I've dreamed up for the Inqisimunda games that I have planned for the God Emperor-forsaken port of Far Corfe, Maelstrom's Edge and their Broken range of plastic components came to my attention.

The Broken - a rousing rabble of rabble rousers

Costing around a tenner and in perfect scale to be mixed in with GW products, the basic order of four sprues comes with enough parts to make six complete miniatures with plenty of left-overs that can be stirred into a kitbash in order to produce something a little bit more exotic and unusual than the common recipe of Neophyte Hybrids + Chaos Cultists + Skitarii = Any Non-Goliath/Escher Necromunda Gang.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

YouTube: Luke's Affordable Painting Service

I seem to have a habit of wandering away from painting and modelling every couple of years and then being spurred on to return by something that reminds me of how much I used to get out of the hobby (and how much stuff I hoarded in a cupboard back when I had no kids and money, as opposed to the opposite).

Every time I do so, it seems that I'm ready to learn something new and step it up a level, so when a friend bought the Descent board game and suggested that I paint the miniatures, I was back at it and soon happened upon the YouTube videos posted by amiable northern bloke Luke Fellows on the channel for his Luke's APS (Affordable Painting Service) business.

Aside from his commercial venture, Luke shares so many fundamentally sound tips for painting and modelling that it's impossible not to learn something useful, but it's his money-saving ideas and knowledge of the materials that go into products such as washes and paints that I really wanted to share.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Norm's Atomic Dumpster: Sub-Orbital Lander

Natalya mounts a vigilant watch whilst Bob the Borg trudges his way through his endless menial tasks

I've always liked the idea of having spacecraft as terrain pieces for a skirmish game, as they look good on the table and they're also very easily built into a scenario that involves loading something/someone onto them to escape or capturing what's already aboard.

Equally appealing is the idea of recycling old stuff in order to do the same, and I've seen toys from the Action Force/GI Joe range used in this way on multiple occasions in the past and subsequently spent ages scouring Ebay for something suitable, only to be amazed at the prices people ask for them!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Necromunda 3.0: It's a Proxy Party! - Part 3: Get into the Juve...

It seems like one of the things that a lot of gamers have been left asking for in the release of the new edition of Necromunda is models that are suitable for representing Juves, the callow up-and-commers that tag along with the average Underhive gang in the hope of surviving the fight and gaining enough experience along the way to eventually blossom into full-grown gangers.

I expect that this is something GW will get onto in their own good time, but there are still people out there looking for an answer in the short term, so I've been scouting around for a solution - and I have to say, there really isn't one that's going to satisfy everyone!

The obvious answer would seem to be the Juve miniatures from the original release of the game, but the evident scale creep that can be seen in the new sculpts, scarcity and price, as well as the need to customise the weapons on a range of models that were all metal, could be a real issue when taking that option.

Unlike full gangers, the non-GW manufacturers out there are not replete with sci-fi or dystopian near-future miniatures of the youth, but there are some that could be used at a push.

Stefania by Hasslefree Miniatures

Necromunda 3.0: It's a Proxy Party! - Part 2: Non-GW Alternatives

Last time I spent some column inches looking at the various hacks and customisation jobs that creative gamers had come up with to either make their Necromunda experience their own, or else avoid shelling out more than they had to in buying official GW products.

But of course there's always the option of choosing to use miniatures and/or terrain manufactured by another company, which has the advantage of being quicker and leaving you with more time to work on assembling, painting and actually PLAYING the game as well!

This option also has one over on scouring Ebay for what you want, as it's all there to be ordered, and most companies are sensible with their prices (unlike many Ebay sellers) - but be warned, buying new stuff, while expedient, is not always the cheapest option, and in some cases, may actually turn out to be more expensive than GW, so think about whether you're willing to shell out more for that unique look to your gang or underhive terrain.

Meg's Girls by Maxmini - In Soviet Russia, the Eschers gang up on you!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Necromunda 3.0: Orlock Heavy by The Ewing Workshop

After having featured the rather excellent kit-bash Orlock Heavy by James Ewing in my recent post on gamer-made Necromunda proxys, I was too eager to post the article before the shots of the finished miniature that James had kindly promised to send me arrived, and so I've decided to take the time to post them in a short piece all of their own.

I think James and the miniature alike deserve this, as it's hands down the best original creation for the new edition of Necromunda that I've seen yet.

Note the detail of the sculpting on the chest, shins and the arms - plus the faithful recreation of the House Orlock crest.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Necromunda 3.0: It's a Proxy Party! - Part 1: Player Hacks

One of the things that makes me love small-scale games like Necromunda far more than those which require large armies is the scope, or some might even say necessity, for making that small gang of miniatures unique.

The new edition of Necromunda's not been out for more than a week or so, and already social media is filling up with shots of the ways in which gamers have chosen to customise the miniatures in the actual game and also to come up with their own alternatives.

Custom Orlock Heavy by James Ewing of The Ewing Workshop

Far Corfe: Abhuman Hired Gun - Part 1

"Hire this abhuman slab of muscle for your gang, entourage or block party; ask about our competitive rates - no bull!" I think...